From Sea to Table

JWB Prime Steak and Seafood is committed to delivering you the highest quality food, but did you know we are also active in supporting the environment? The JWB Spear Fishing Program not only delivers fresh fish daily to your table, but it also helps protect the fragile eco-system.

Each morning, JWB-Dedicated local fisherman head out to fish using only a spear. As soon as they get back to shore, our Chef gets an email with pictures describing the catch – and if the Chef approves – within a few hours the fresh catch is available on our menu.

For many reasons, spear fishing is the ideal method for catching fish. Firstly, the quality of the fish is better. Fish caught using a rod and reel release large quantities of lactic acid, and this affects the quality and taste of the fish. Secondly, spear fishing prevents non-edible or non-commercial fish from being caught as no net is involved. Additionally, spear fishing is sustainable – because there is no ‘by catch’ – the only fish taken are ones that will be eaten. And finally, spear fishing allows us to feature fish like the Lion Fish – an invasive species and responsible for the destruction of reefs – thus helping us sustain the delicate balance of fish that populate the reefs.

Occasionally, you might notice that our fresh spear fish selection is empty. This simply means the fisherman had no luck that day. Unfortunately when you are trying to deliver great fish caught by hand, sometimes this happens.

In the meantime, enjoy some of the freshest fish you will find anywhere, and know that you are doing your part to protect and preserve Florida’s delicate water habitat!